Croatian translation

Croatian translation

Croatian translation

Proofreading, speacial translations, English-Croatian and Croatian-English.

Some information about Croatia

Croatia (officially called the Republic of Croatia) is the neighboring country of Hungary, as well as Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. It is bordered by the Adriatic Sea. Since it has its own shoreline, tourism is developing dynamically, and the interest in Croatia keeps growing among foreigners.

Croatia has been part of the EU ever since July in 2013. Due to this, the Croatian language has become one of the official languages of the EU. Other than Coratian, Italian, English and German have become very popular language amongst the Croatians.

Croatian-English translations

We translate all sorts of text including brochures, city descriptions, product descriptions, service introductions, official documents or anything that you can imagine! Our company is known for being fast while at the same time producing quality work. We would love for you to try us out so that we can prove to you that we are second to none!

Webpage translations from Croatian to English or from English to Croatian

Croatia is not just an economic opportunity for foreign investors, but for tourism as well.  Before you yourself try to make investments or create webpages in Croatia, it is very benefitial to get in contact with a translation agency in order to make sure that you’re not making any mistakes along the way, in terms of creating websites or creating official documents. Our translation agency is able to provide you with quality translations so that your webpage will look like it was made by Croatian citizens.

If you would maybe like to work in Croatia, you will most likely need you employment papers translated into Croatian, so look no further, we will get you what you need quick and cheap!

Specialty translation, proofreading in Croatian

At our translation agency we not only offer normal translations, but also translations of special texts and of course we perform proofreading as well!

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