Dutch translation

Dutch translation

Certified English-Dutch and Dutch-English translations

The estimate number of Dutch speakers is almost 20 million people. Other than Holland, the language is also used in former colonies, such as Suriname and some Caribbean Islands. Dutch is related to German; therefore those who speak German can probably learn Dutch easily.

Dutch-English translations

Our translation agency takes Dutch-English translations in the following areas:

  • Power engineering, electronics, pharmaceutics, heavy industry, light industry, pharmacy, literature, law, economics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, media, archaeology, forestry, protection of the environment, food industry and others.

We accept the following formats: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, scanned document etc. If for whatever reason you send us a text with a different format we will open it at any cost and prepare your translation.

Dutch native speaking translators

The Dutch translators of our agency are English citizens who speak Dutch as their secondary language. Thanks to our wide spread translator database, the translations will be done those, who live in Dutch speaking areas of the country, ensuring that the translation is even more precise.

Dutch proofreading

The correction of the given text will be done by our native speaking colleagues.  If you only need proofreading, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Official Dutch translations

Thanks to our professional translators, you can have your certified translation within 24 hours. Since the official documents are mostly short, we are able to translate them rather fast.

All you need to do is to send us the text that you want translated, and we will start working immediately. Unlike other translation offices, we take orders on every day of the week 24-7 so if you need something translated urgently, then without a doubt we will be here to help. Our agency is built on putting the customer first, so whether it’s on the weekends or even during holidays, we will always be available! So dont hesitate to give us a try!

If you need Dutch translations or proofreading, then get in contact with us as soon as possible!

For more information call us now at 07459 490 814!