Polish translation

English-Polish translation in Coventry, by the Coventry translation agency, native speaking translation, specialty translation to Polish or from Polish to English.

Polish-English, English-Polish translations

Our Polish native speaking translators are able to do text or voice record translations in any pairing. We can take any type of format, whether it’s Word, Excel, Power Pint or any picture (jpg, tiff, gif, png). If you send the text that needs to be translated to our email, we will send you detailed information about the price and the deadline. Send us the document now!

Polish business mails, email translations

We take the translation of your business documents from Polish to English, or from English to Polish on a daily basis.

Certified Polish translation, specialty translation, proofreading

We translate your official documents fast, and we codicil and stamp it in the translation’s language as well. The specialty translations are done by the specialist of the given area, and our proofreaders can check any type of Polish translation.

Polish translation services in Coventry

What should you know about Poland?

The number of Polish speakers all around the world is about 50 million. Besides being certified in Poland, it’s an EU national language. It is one of the Slavic languages, its closest language relatives are Slovak and Czech, although it is also related to Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian. To the ear it is a little different than its relatives; there is little common understanding between them, so a Polish native speaker probably won’t understand the South Slavic languages. But thanks to the centuries-long connection between the Ukrainian and Belarusian people, they are able to communicate.

Polish among the Slavic languages

Among the Slavic languages, Polish is the third most commonly used, after Russian and Ukrainian. After the regime change, Poland has been a dynamically developing country and it is a member of the EU since 2004.

Thanks to the economic and political changes, the number of foreign investors grew in Poland and Poland goods and services also appeared in many foreign markets. The necessity of using Polish has grown, as has the need for translations.

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