Specialty areas

Specialty translationGeneral translation

General translations is a really wide definition and we can name every kind of translation, which is not part of the list below:

Certified translation

Certified translating are mostly translated into English, but we translate to other languages too. Any diplomas, degrees, birth certificates, morality certificates, marriage certificates or other official documents translation with stamp and codicil, fast and inexpensive. In the last couple of months, twe have seen an increase in he interest for Slovak-English articles of association or foundational document translations.

Economic translation

We translate economic texts for companies, businesses, training materials, business mails, marketing plans, PR articles, studies, tenders, EU translations or even finance, tax and accounting translations.

Legal translation

Usually we translate contracts, agreements, foundational documents, articles of association, sale and purchase contracts and other legal document translations in this category, which has its own specific legal language.

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Technical translation

This category involves engineering plans, drafts, user’s manual of agricultural machines and even product descriptions, maintenance manuals and guides. Our technical translator colleagues have years of experience in this field, you will find a reliable partner in them.

Medical and health documents, final reports, summaries, hospital records, patient information, drug descriptions and other health care text translation.

Webpage translation

No matter what type of website you have, we can translate it to most languages fast and professionally. This is especially practical for those companies, who would like to expand abroad with their products and services, but anyone can use it, just send us the link and we will send our quotation immediately.

Catalogue translation

We usually translate technical catalogues, in which it is important to be precise and reliable, most of the time we give you the work product in word format, the customer’s company will edit the catalogue with its own graphics, because the graphics editing is not our specialty.

Literary translation, book translation

First of all we do foreign (English, German, French, Russian) books, novels, short stories translations, but we have done study books and children’s book translations as well.

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