Certified translations

Certified translation

The certified translations performed by Coventry Translation Agency are accepted and recognized by domestic and foreign certified organizations and banks.  During the certified translation we provide a codicil, to prove that the translation is exactly the same as the original text.

Fast certified translations

For a certified translation, we will always make sure to meet the deadline, and we will do everything possible to return the translation as fast as possible.

Quick, reliable translations by  our translators are most often in the following languages:

English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Romanian, Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Latvian, Russian, Slovenian.

What do we usually translate?

Company papers, contracts, marriage or birth certificates, morality certificates, primary or European gymnasium diplomas, high school diplomas, diplomas, university degrees, contracts, agreements, company extracts, signature specimens, foundational documents or articles of association, these often fall in the category of certified Spanish-English translations, in the case of companies, we translate employee contracts, medical papers and other documents.

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