Literature translations

Book, novel, short story translations, precisely and professionally translated to many languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Romanian.

Literary translation in 40 languages

Book translation is a beautiful part of translating. Within the translation business, the translation of books and novels is done by a literary translator. Literary translation requires maximum attention, a talent for languages, grammar knowledge, dialectical knowledge and stylistic preparedness from the translator. The translation has to be done in a way that the translation will give the same aesthetic effect for the reader that the original would.

It is especially hard to translate a poem, because they are trying to express an emotion or a thought by using metaphor and rhetorical shapes. The native speaking translator has to be aware of the native speaking foreign language stylistic materials’ form. In the field of book translation, we don’t know understand the word impossible, we are able to translate any difficult text, because we have a literary translator group who are the best in their profession. The translations done by them are perfect; our customers have always been satisfied with their work.

Ensuring quality and precision

The language of the text that needs to be translated could be, English, German, French, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Slovak, Slovenian, and Serbian, Ukrainian or any other language. The target language also depends on the customer; we are able to translate in any languages, because we have a wide-spread translator data base. In literary translation it is also no problem for us to translate in a rare foreign language, like Japanese. The language pairing is up to the customer. Contact us now!

How much time does a literary translation take?  

It depends on the content. For your information, app. 6 pages/day is what you should count on, but this can also be negotiated, as easier texts can be done with a shorter deadline. We can tell you the exact deadline after we see the text. So send it to us now!

The ordering process of literary translation

You can send the text that needs to be translated by post or come to our office in person and bring it with you, or we take the orders through the internet also. Contact us now!

Study books, education materials, illustrative tools translation

We translate different education materials into two languages as well, not just literary translations. Schools, publishers, writers, and authors turn to us, book translation to English, German, Italian and other languages.

Quality, reliability, customer orientation, friendly customer service, reasonable price, 40 foreign languages, wide-spread translator data base, 365 work days, are all part of the characteristics of our translation agency. Choose us; we will help you to come to an understanding with the world! We are looking forward to hearing from you! In the field of novel and book translation nothing is impossible for us!

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