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The more languages your website is available in the more successful your business is going to be, and the more languages you ask us to translate to, the bigger your discount will be.

About our webpage translation accounts

We work with low prices/source word, but if you order your translation in several languages then we are willing to lower these prices even mire and as a bonus we will give you a free SEO/marketing research service if you wish. We can also help your webpage become more popular by giving it a good spot on Google!

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A company that has no website these days is doomed from day one. Thanks to the widespread use of the Internet, most of the potential buyers first use Google search for the product, and they will of course only find the offers of companies who have invested in a website. But nowadays this is not enough. To truly have a successful website, companies must translate their pages in order to appeal to people who speak different languages. We advide our customers to not only have their website available in English, but also in the language of its neighboring countries. This will ensure that the number of people that visit your website and your sales will increase ten-fold!

Ordering a website translation

Our Coventry translation agency takes orders by phone and online from both local and foreign customers. You can send the URL in an email, we will check the website and give you a quotation and a deadline, or if you would like to translate your webpage into more than one language, tell us and we will include it as well in our quotation. Contact us now, and enjoy our translation agency’s discounts!

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