What we do

TranslationLanguage translation, specialty translation and proofreading in Coventry, certified translations of certificates, birth certificates, diploma translations, and translation of other documents, all done fast and precise. 

Our office translates to most languages, ask for a price quotation by email at the address: glajtos[at]yahoo[dot]com, and we will do all we can to make sure you receive your quality translation as soon as possible.

Translation prices

Translation to English, German, Spanish French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Dutch and many other languages!

Coventry translation agency

Our goal is to help ever more people navigate between languages, and thanks to our large database, we can translate even the rarest languages.

Here in Coventry, German and English translations are a big part of our operation, but we are also getting more Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Ukrainian and Slovak translations as well, as these countries are ever closer to Coventry.

Certified translation with codicil and stamp

CV, diploma work, high school or grammar school graduation certificates to English or German, birth certificate certified translations, and morality certificates translated fast in Coventry.

Call us at the number below, and we will help you navigate through foreign languages!

Even on the weekends! Call 07459 490 814 now!