Czech translation

Czech translation

Czech translation

Czech-English or English-Czech translations don

e by professionals every day of the week!

Take advantage of our native speaking translator service! Whether you need to translate Czech literature, political text, personal or legal documentation, or just need certified and technical translations, we can do it all for you in no time! If you’re looking for speed and quality, you’ve come to the right place!

Certified Czech translation even in 24 hours!

If the official document that needs to be translated is short, then we can have your translation ready within 24 hours of us receiving it! Why are we so fast? How can we meet these short deadlines? Thanks to the internet, we can receive your documents via email and work on it any time anywhere, which makes our job more flexible and faster. Whenever we finish a project that you send us, we will send it back immediately. That is why we are so fast, and  also why we can meet all of our deadlines.

Translation to Czech

Our aim with the translation services is to help people with communication everywhere in the world. Nowadays, more and more people go abroad, take jobs, start their studies, get married or start companies inside England’s borders. If you need a reliable Czech translation, then contact us, and we will do everything we can to satisfy your needs!.

Czech books, lengthier text translations to English 

In case of a lengthier text, we don’t charge a per-word fee for the Czech translation, it is negotiable. The reason for this is that a translation of hundreds of pages is impossible to pay in a per-word charging system. We don’t expect that from our customers. After we receive text that needs to be translated, we will contact you with our quotation, and we won’t change the agreement later.

Proofreading in Czech

Do you speak Czech? Do you have a Czech document and you need to make sure that its perfect before its put to use? Then feel free to contact us! The fee of proofreading is lower than the translation fee. It is especially important that your document gets proofread if you are working with texts such as tenders, doctoral dissertations, publications and articles, or any document that many people are going to see; a lot depends on perfect grammar.

Contact Bilingua Coventry for your  next translation project, call now at 07459 490 814 !