Hindi translations

Hindi translations

Hindi translations done by professionals here at our Coventry office! Quality work for reasonable prices.


Our agency works for favorable rates and prepares reliable English-Hindi or Hindi-English translations with the help of professional translators. We are available to all of the public and not only companies. If for any reason you need a Hindi translation, then feel free to contact us and we will start working immediately.

English-Hindi translation

Our English-Hindi translations are super accurate and are very cheap. We provide excellent translations due to the fact that we have help from native speakers who can finish all of their work efficiently. Our translators have years of experience under their belt and will be able to help you out wherever and whenever you need.

Fast Hindi translations

Hindi-English translation

If you need a Hindi text translated to English, look no further. We do all kinds of translations, from books to articles, publications, dissertations, studies, conference materials, business mail translations, email translations, company documents, and training materials.

Our translators will do their best to get the job done as fast as possible. Our translators originally came from other professions, such as economics, engineering, law, teaching, cosmetics and so on. This is why we can cover so many areas within translating and is also the reason why our translations make sense and are done to perfection.

Certified translations in just a couple of hours

Our translation agency is proud of our quick times regarding tranlations. For certified translations, our office makes sure that the translation matches the original in every aspect, and of course we provide a stamp on the finish product. We can translate the below documents:

School certificates, diplomas, language test certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, morality certificates, contracts and other company documents.

The fastest a translation can be done is 24 hours. This deadline can be met when we are given short certified translations. If you need an urgent translation, this deadline can also be met.

Technical translation, specialty translation

Thanks to the knowledge of our professionals, specialty translations are not a problem for us. We have translated several technical catalogues, webpages and other company texts from Hindi to English. We will take on any task, no matter the difficulty! Your technical text will go to a specialty translator who is experienced within that area of expertise. This means for example that an agricultural text will be given to a translator who has worked in that field already.

Order process:

Send your text by email and we will send you our price quotation, on work days within an hour. In the letter we will inform you of the payment process (pay in person or by transfer to our bank account or PayPal) and we will inform you exactly when the translation will be done. You can send your questions by email (to glajtos[at]yahoo[dot]com)

We’re here to help, call us now: 07459 490 814!