Hungarian translation

Hungarian translation

Hungarian-English and English-Hungarian. Translations done by professional native speakers.

Thanks to Hungary’s location, touristic demand to see places of interest and for leisure has been increasing. The demand for Hungarian translations has also grown. Our translation agency can translate your text to a list of many languages of which we are proud to say that Hungarian is a part of.

Take advantage of our Hungarian native speaking translators and receive your translation in no time!

Hungarian translations performed by native speakers

Since the country became a touristic hub, it has become practical to have your webpage translated to Hungarian! If the potential tourist can read a webpage in his mother tongue, then the percentage of that person choosing you will increase tenfold! Therefore don’t hesitate to translate your website, the outcome can only benefit you. We will do it fast and cheap!

You can also ask for certified translations, proofreading or specialty translations. Thanks to the fact that our agency is customer focused, we are available even after working hours via internet. If you would like to be one of our costumers, who gets their Hungarian translations done fast, then feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Hungary and the Hungarian language

Hungary is bordered, among others, by Croatia, Slovakia, and Austria. The capital is Budapest. Hungary joined the EU in 2004.

The number of Hungarian speakers is estimated to be around 17 million people and it is an official language of the EU.

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